2012 11+1 Challenge Model List

I came home to a sick child yesterday after work, so I didn’t get to focus on my 2012 challenge list.  However, I had time today.

To get started with my 11+1 challenge, I’m going to get into the swing of things with a Seamus starter set for Malifaux.

This set consists of Seamus, Madam Sybelle, and three Rotten Belles for a total of five models. I’m now down to seven models. Starting with this starter allows me to work on cloth, skin, and undead.

Next, I think I’ll work on some Pulp City models, focusing on the Heavy Metal crowd of Supremes. I’ve got my Iron Train and Androida painted already, so that leave the rest of the team to work on. I think I’ll choose Lady Cyburn, Nuclear Jones, Chronin, Core (+ 3 bases), Hadron, and mini Hadron (which wont count).

From there, I think I’ll work on a couple of Hell Dorado figures or some Heavy Gear blitz figures. There is only two left for the 2012 11+1 challenge, so that means either some Northern GP gears or something like Augustinus Raymond for the Westerners or Dibbukim or Husaym Al Din, the Djinn for the Saracens.

So, to list things out, here we are:


Madam Sybell

Rotten Belle 1

Rotten Belle 2

Rotten Belle 3

Lady Cybern

Nuclear Jones


Core (+3 bases)

Hadron + mini Hadron

Northern GP Gears (x 2)


Augustinus Raymond

Husaym Al Din

For my 36 models that my friend challenged me on, I’m not for sure. I’ll just have to see how it goes because I don’t know what I can commit to beyond the 12 listed here.

Really, the only thing I’m missing from this list are fantasy figures with a lot of metal.  I’m not too worried about the metals because it’s fairly easy to do a decent job anymore with some techniques of basecoating, washing, then highlighting back up.  (P3 pig iron, Quick Silver, Metal Wash, then back with Quick Silver)

I’ll be gathering everyones lists and copying them into one spot so we can all see what is happening with the 2012 11+1 challenge.


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