11+1: So It Begins


Back Row: Rotten Belle # 1, Rotten Belle # 2, Rotten Belle # 3 Front Row: Madam Sybell, Seamus

So, the fun begins.  Here you see an unprimed starter set for Malifaux by Wyrd.   This is the Seamus starter for the Ressurectionists faction.   I’m missing the right hand and umbrella to the Rotten Belle on the far right. I’ve sent an email off to Wyrd asking about a replacement.  If I can’t find one, I’ll just add a hand from some undead min I’ve got lying around.

So, I”m not quite for sure what to do about the bases of these models.  Perhaps I’ll do a simple plank board bases as these girls are “on stage” practicing their dance while Madame Sybelle choreographs and Seamus watches on, ruling his harem.

If I stick with it, I’ll anticipate these models being done by Spring Break in the middle of March.  Wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “11+1: So It Begins

  1. I’ve been using pre-made resin bases for wooden or wood planked “floors” for my Guild models. Having to cut the metal tabs off the models, drill proper holes in the resin bases, and then mount the models without bending some of the more delicate ones (I made quite a mess of Nino’s ankle doing that) has been touchy. Do you have a good techniques for making wooden bases on the 30mm bases provided by Wyrd? I would be more confident gluing the tab into the provided base’s slot rather than all the cutting and pinning using the resin bases. The resin bases look good but many Wyrd models are very delicate sculpts (I present Nekima as evidence #1! Everyone I know who’s put it together has had much trouble with the legs attaching to the base). I do like the wooden floor look for the western part of the fluff though. Any suggestions on your techniques would be appreciated.

  2. I’ve seen a few tutorials on different ways to make bases…It’ might be kinda cool if I could build a small stage, so when all the girls are lined up, they look like they are all together.

    I can lay down real wood and make a casting, use some plaster and scratch some planks into it, or simply buy some. We’ll see where it goes.

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