11+1 2012 Challenge Lists and an Update

Today is the day that everyone needs to post their 11+1 challenge lists.  I’ll post mine within the next eight hours or so after I get home from work.

A local buddy of mine has upped the ante on the 11+1 challenge.  He has asked me to paint 36 miniatures instead of 12 for the challenge and he’ll do the same.  I’m going to give it a shot and see what happens and hopefully he will do the same by posting his list here. So, that means my personal goal is now 33 + 3 models!

Come on all, let’s get those brushes out for the 11 + 1 (33+3???) 2012 challenge!


4 thoughts on “11+1 2012 Challenge Lists and an Update

  1. Since you wanted my 36 models, Im going with 27 Ork Boyz w/ Shoota’s, 3 Ork Boyz with big shoota, and 6 Ork Nobz.. Now to get cracking and prep them, the part that keeps me from painting the most.

  2. Man oh man, when it rains it pours. Im laid up atm for another week and a half, have to have a tooth pulled so I havent been feeling like doing a whole lot atm. Just means I need to work harder when I feel better I guess.

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