Verified Appearances of Jade Clan Assassins Seen in Pulp City

Citizens of Pulp City, be warned that there have been verified reports and sighting of the Jade Clan assassins in and around Pulp City.  The authorities have been notified and members of Heavy Metal are on the look out.  A concept artist has taken reports and descriptions from the sightings and provided us this image:

Jade Class Assassin

Word on the street is that reporter June Summers, well known T.V. anchor, has captured some true images of these stalkers.  For your benefit, I provide those images here to danger to myself:


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June Summers also reports, from an interview with the Mayor of Pulp City, Morf,and quotes that Pulp Monsters has…

… the batch of sculpts from James and I took them immediately to MaxMini for casting.
I got to say this is just one of my favorite batches: hyper dynamic (hey, it’s ninjas!) super sexy minis!

There are two ninja Supremes (male and female), multipart ninjas (2 body types, 8 weapons and arms, 4 heads – all very user friendly as they hold almost with no glue) and the Green Emperor who is just really menacing as he draws his sword.

But it’s not just villains – Heroes will be able to use ninjas as well, and all Hero players will be happy to see a whole new team building option that gives special bonuses if you build your team with the martial arts theme (yes, that means Chronin side by side with Chimp Chi).

If you were at Gen Con 2011 and caught up to Morf,  he had some resin masters to show off.

If you have any information to share about these enigmatic Jade Clan members, please contact your local authorities.


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