Reaver Lords Update

There is a small discussion going on over on Frothers Unite about the new Reaver Lords line from Pulp Monsters.  Morf posted a response there, and this is what he said:

That is Remy Tremblay’s sculpt, more to come from him, Frothers’ darling Andrew Rae Smile and James van Schaik.
That is my private side-project, the models from the initial batch (6-7) should be available from the Pulp Store (currently through but since we are expanding ranges, will go live).

I finally did something about the sizing of the miniatures I’ve always wanted, it is all over the place Smile
Even within the same races models are different heights – but fit very well because of same proportions.

Generally, they are on the bigger side, humans from 32 mm to the conanesque types around 40 mm.

Reaver Lords Concept Art

For more information, visit my previous post or visit the Reaver Lords page on Facebook.

I’ll try to keep things updated when I can.


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