Reaver Lords Officially Arrive from Pulp Monsters

Pulp Monsters has officially released information about their new line of models called Reaver Lords.  Reaver Lords is a dark fantasy world with a gritty, adult theme to it.

Welcome to Reaver Lords. So it’s on. I won’t be lying to you…

Reaver Lords

Maciej (Morf) states on the new Reaver Lords face book page that the project “ a very personal project, the kind of fantasy that I always wanted to see and play with. More dark than light, more adult than not. The world of Reaver Lords is the playground. With the vital contribution of the multi-talented artist Liam C. we are not reinventing the wheel – we are just making it very shiny in a grizzly way.”

Some greens and artwork were posted on the facebook page, which I’ve copied here.  First, we see the elven Dark Prince:

The models are described as “…far from the usual We-are-all-32mm approach, elves, being the tallest are around 40 mm, humans are 30-33 but some, like Njall the barbarian king just dwarf them.”

Plans for the line include a board game of some sort, but we’ll wait and see.  A new website with the same name should be opening in the future as well.


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