Cryx Warcaster Exhumator Scaverous

I made a small purchase from Miniature Market and received Exhumator Scaverous for Cryx, by Privateer Press.

The model is based on a medium (40mm) base, and comes in several parts.  Putting the model together is above average on the difficulty scale, and add in several small or fiddly parts, makes it a tad tougher.

Scaverous, Cryxian Warcaster

The the arms and scythe come in four pieces- left and right arm, scythe shaft, and scythe blade.  The two arms have to be adjusted just perfectly to align and hold the scythe shaft.  After much fiddling, I eventually became annoyed in trying to get the arms on and aligned so I called for help.  My eleven year old daughter sprayed some kicker to set the glue on the arms for me, as both my hands were holding the model’s arms to the body.

Finally, the saw blade of the scythe connects to the shaft without any nob or hole.  You will definitely have to pin this part.  I live on the edge, and didn’t pin mine, but I know it will fall off sooner than later as there really isn’t a good connecting point for the piece to hold onto.

I didn’t put the mini claws on his chest, as they are too fiddly.  I also didn’t put on the double and smaller, steam vents on this upper body.

I like the model and he looks scary, but his stats are a little bland for the game.  He fills the 40mm base, and most likely, would have looked better had he been on a larger base or have been made smaller.  For $36, he is a complicated model to piece together, but a little patience will do the trick.  So glad this model is NOT a unit. lol


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