Warmachine Weekend Roadtrip

Warmachine Weekend is a weekend of gaming, Privateer Press style, held in Springfield, MO, and ran by Clutch (Carl Morgan). Three days of steamroller and casual events hosted by a an awesome team.  I was going for my fourth time, while my roadtrip partner, Gil, was attending as a novice virgin player.

Our roadtrip began Friday afternoon from SE Kansas, and the rental car, as can be seen by the picture below, had been recently detailed, and was still wet from the cleaner.  A couple of towels and plastic bags and we were good to go- hopefully our backsides would remain dry.


The Trip Begins

As Gil sat down to drive, he used his elbow as leverage to get int.  However, instead of hitting the armrest, he hit the straw in my cup puncturing it…Diet Mt. Dew flooded the cupholders.  You can see the cup between the seats at this point in the picture above.  A great trip so far, and we hadn’t even left the driveway!

As we left town we could smell some fumes or exhaust every time we stopped at a light or stop sign.  No time to return the rental and get another one. We pushed on through…

More details to come as I upload more pictures!


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