15mm Model Comparison

I’ve seen a few people ask about comparisons of the Heavy Gear Blitz models by Dream Pod 9 in use as models for Tomorrow’s War by Ambush Alley Games.

So, I took a few photos for reference of the models I have, which are as follows:

Micropanzer Wargame Studios
15mm alien
15mm sas
15mm scout walker

Rebel Minis
riot police
skateboarder zombie
Earth Force Gila buggy
SAS in decontamination suit (zombie hunter)

Dream Pod 9 Heavy Gear
South General Purpose Gear
Northern General Purpose
Southern King Cobra (Large by HG standards)

And on to the images:

Finally, the last image.

If you want any specific shots, please let me know.  Like a Heave Gear Blitz model next to the Gila, or Micropanzer Studios Walker, etc.



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