Fall Recruits 2011

I’ll be heading off to Fall Recruits 2011 in just a few short minutes.  Duane had asked me to help be the tournament liaison for the convention, so I’m looking forward to helping him with such a successful show.

Tonight I’m taking a van full of high school kids as part of a school trip, then back home.  Leaving at 6am tomorrow to get there by 8am on Saturday.

Some key highlights I’m looking forward to:

  • Ambush Alley Games making a secret announcement and the pre-release of their Tomorrow’s War rules from Osprey Publishing
  • Hydra Miniatures and some of their War Rockets and retro-sci-fi line
  • Seeing friends- old and new!
  • Playing in some games- Dungeon Twister, Ambush Alley’s Tomorrow’s War, and more
I’ll be posting pictures directly to my Picasa account.  You can click any of the picture album links on the right to get to my Picasa account.
I’ll be home late Sunday night.

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