Tuesday Gaming- FFG’s Death Angel and ZMG’s Pandemic


Our one and only win of the night against the Pandemic


They boys playing their turn


I visited my good friend tonight, whom has game night on Tuesday’s, in the next town over.

We played the Death Angel card game (Fantasy Flight’s Space Hulk version in a card game)- an intro game then a four-player game. We eventually won. It was a fast paced game.

Next, we brought out Pandemic by Z-Man Games. Pandemic is a great coop. game where players race to prevent any of five viruses/diseases from overruling the world. We finally won our third game.  This is a game that keeps you on the edge of your seat, in suspense.  I highly recommend it to young adult and older families who enjoy a good game where you can work together to solve the game.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Gaming- FFG’s Death Angel and ZMG’s Pandemic

  1. Death Angel is a great game and really captures the “Oh crap, we’re being surrounded Sarge!” feeling well in card format.

    You get a line-up of space marines, and location cards determine locations of doors, corridors, etc. Place those on the left or right of the line-up, then follow the cues on the location card for Tyranid Genestealers.

    Each turn, you can attack, defend, or use move+action. Next turn, you have to use a different action/card, so ultimately, you can’t attack twice in a row, defend, etc. One of your two space marines that you control has a special ability, which is nice. The goal is to destroy genestealers and flip over new locations until you reach the last location card and clean out the space hulk.

    Great fun game.

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