Dark Age Games Models for Sale

Well, I pulled my Dark Age Games models out yesterday and went through them.  I have a ton to get rid of.  I really enjoy this game, but due to the fact that I was a playtester for them and their process is totally messed up (priorities, etc), I don’t want to be involved with it anymore.  In addition, all my playtest group has moved away.

I have Brood, Forsaken, Skarrd, Outcasts, and Dragyri (maybe more). So, please visit my For Sale/ Trade page to see what I’ve got, or just click this link to see the Google Document with a listing of models, prices, and notes.  I’d like to get 60% retail for them.

Dark Age Models Link

I’d really like to get Hell Dorado models in trade for some of these. 😀


2 thoughts on “Dark Age Games Models for Sale

  1. Good Luck with getting anything for these. I helped promote Darkage back in the day as an “Outcast” and never saw any compensation for my time or even a thank you. What a shame as I enjoyed playing it.

    • I hope so as well. The new books should be out on the 19th. I enjoyed the game immensely. I did get three models for my time, though.

      I was grossly disappointed in how the direction of the latest went-almost a change in direction after working on stuff for about six weeks. Scrapped the work and started a new unrelated project.

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