More Updates: Airbrushing, Precinct Omega, and Hell Dorado

I received my new airbrush and compressor a couple of weeks ago and found using it is fairly simple- However, learning the technique to control paint is another story.  I did some of the practice steps, then couldn’t wait any more to try laying some paint onto a model.  I used a WM model and layed down some good transitions, but when I switched to the smaller of the three needles, the paint wouldn’t spray.  My guess is the paint was too thick.  I stopped at that point as it was 1am in the morning.  The compressor didn’t work out of the box, but a quick ship back to Paasche got me a new compressor.  In addition, they comped me an in-line water trap and air brush cleaning kit for my troubles.  Good customer service.  The original business who sold me the supplies weren’t very understanding.

The Precinct Omega minis are on hold.  I won one of their minis and ordered the second one, but the review is on hold until I finish the two painting projects listed below.  I really would like to do them justice, so they wait in line.

Finally, my review of the Hell Dorado core book is a work in progress.  I just need to finish going through the book and writing up the review to post here.  I have several of Cipher’s Hell Dorado minis now, and I need to really get some paint on them.


2 thoughts on “More Updates: Airbrushing, Precinct Omega, and Hell Dorado

  1. Sorry it took me ages to reply to this. Just wanted to drop a note to say I can’t wait to see what you do with you Skrapyard minis. Our third mini, the Journeyman Engineer, has reached test-casting stage and should go into production in the next month or two.

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