Hell Dorado Cipher Rule Book Quick and Dirty Preview

I was comped a preview copy of the new Hell Dorado rulebook by Cipher for doing some readability and editing on some of the fluff within the book.   Keep in mind, this is a comped, preview copy.

I was happily surprised on the 6th of June when I came home and found this in my mailbox:

Hell Dorado Rulebook by Cipher

The book is softcover with 224 pages.  The back insert includes templates and counters for bidding on terrain.

The rulebook is complete and includes the new releases that Cipher has released since January.

Within the covers, you’ll find a lot of background story and fluff for each faction, rules and game play, faction specific information, terrain and scenario play, and full color inserts at the beginning of each section of the book.  Some of the newer artwork doesn’t “mesh” with the older artwork simply because it appears Cipher was pushed to the breaking point in regards to time- Players wanted this book yesterday.

I was not one of the players of the French rules, but it seems that nothing in regards to rules was tweaked or changed.  The statlines appear to be updated to the 1635 addition, and just some slight changes in one or two points for model’s army points calculations were done.

No bias here, but it seems to be a tidy book.  I haven’t done a complete look through, and for me, being a new player, it’s hard to make any comparisons between the original Asmodee edition and the new Cipher edition.

Players will be happy once this book reaches their FLGS within the next few weeks.

If you have any questions, please let me know.  I’ll try to a little better review in the future.


6 thoughts on “Hell Dorado Cipher Rule Book Quick and Dirty Preview

  1. Well, I’m going to do another review, but this time in depth. Robey mentions he’d like to hear more about the game mechanics.

    Does anyone else want any specifics in the review?

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