New Aribrush on Its Way

So today, I got up the nerve to spend some money and ordered an airbrush. I don’t think I”m going to use it all that much, but what the heck, right?

Paasche Talon Logo

Paasche Talon Logo

So, I ordered the Paasche Talon TG set with three needles and the fan air cap. Here’s a random web image:

Talon Airbrush

I also ordered the Paasche D3000 air compressor.

It’s not going to make me a better painter, nor anything else. It’s just a new tool to use and have fun with.


2 thoughts on “New Aribrush on Its Way

  1. All the best of luck with your new AB . I have found the motr you use it the more you learn – – keep playing withit on pieces of paper and practice different mixes and dilulution rates works well . All the best . If I can help ask me . . Brian

    • Thank you sir, I will. I am totally new to using an airbrush, so any helpful hints are appreciated. I have done a LOT of web browsing in regards to how to use an AB, though, so I understand it’s limitations and weaknesses as well as it’s strengths. Hopefully, the practice will be enough to help me along.

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