Blood Bowl Human Team- Status: Complete

This was a fun group of 16 models to get organized, paint and base.  Done in a Green Bay Packer’s style uniform per the request.  View more images by clicking the read more link below the first image.

Early Work in Progress

View More Images…..>

Group WIP

Completed Team

Better Image of the Completed Team

Finally, the link to all the images of this project:


4 thoughts on “Blood Bowl Human Team- Status: Complete

    • I’m a little slow, but thanks!

      These models were a lot of fun to paint. The one thing I didn’t do, but wanted to do, was put numbers on their backs.

    • Not for sure…

      They are a human blood bowl NAF team or something like that. I’ve never been into Blood Bowl and the client wasn’t specific in regards to where they came from.

      I think they were special award or limited quantity for 2006-07 maybe. Sorry!

      If you’d like me to follow up with the client, let me know.

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