Mongoose Publishing:: A Look Ahead to Future Projects

Mongoose Publishing posted on their Planet Mongoose blog a look ahead in regards to projects in 2011.  Below you’ll find some of that information:

Project N
We revealed this in the State of the Mongoose to be the return of A Call to Arms, in the guise of Noble Armada.

Project D
Skotched, unfortunately. Normally, we would reveal what this project was (as we did with ACTA: Star Wars, also here at Planet Mongoose) but it may come round again in one form or another, so we are keeping mum for now.

Project A/Project AA
Was originally Project A, but has recently become Project AA. Was originally a boardgame, but now is working far better as a card game. Serious development has been going on over the holidays and is now reaching the playtest phase. A game with broader appeal than most of our past works, easy to play but with a good dollop of tactical depth. All going well, this one will be revealed in a month or two and will be out before the Summer.

Project Eon
Yes, now this is a funny one. This one started as a possible licensed historical boardgame, but then got subverted into a completely different (sci-fi) genre. It has now flipped back to something close to the original premise but retains the sci-fi elements and is based on our own IP. It is currently a solo boardgame, but we are looking at adding multiplayer elements (though whether that will be straight out of the box, or whether you end up combining two boxes has yet to be determined). The current timeline looks like a late summer release for this one, but nothing has been locked yet – this one will be ready when it is ready.

Project Hyperion
A new type of starship RPG, you can check out the article in Signs & Portents 81 for the full details on this one. Currently on hold, with no plans to go further.

Project R**
A new 6mm sci-fi miniatures game, based on something that both myself and Rob Glass (Mongoose Lead Man in the US, also of Babylon 5 Wars fame) have been wanting to do for quite some time, in one form or another. Rob is currently project lead on this, and has crafted a set of rules that promise lightning fast play, quick tactical decisions and an absolute mountain of depth that we can layer on to the final product. We have just given this one the green light and are aiming for a late 2011 release. Rob is already working on some of the units (via digital modelling) so we may start previewing Project R** in the next few months. Being 6mm, it will be cheap to get into, and it is certainly one to watch – there isn’t really anything like this around at the moment.

Project Novels
We have been looking at doing some novels for quite some time now, and the decision has more or less been made that 2011 is the year where we will start. Nothing too grand to begin with (though we hope you will enjoy the stories!), but we are looking to this side of the business to extend our own properties such as Project R** and Project Eon. We’ll see how it goes. We are also looking to go ahead with the Lone Wolf softbacks and maybe the odd graphic novel in this field as well.

Project MNC
This is in its infancy at the moment, with just a few hastily sketched out ideas made over the holidays. A science-fiction miniatures game, based on some sort of futuristic team/death sport. Unique sides, different roles within the team and, if we can figure out how to do it, an impressive arena to play in. May never happen but, on the other hand, this kind of thinking was just how Project R** started a few years ago, so you never know…


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