So Whats Happening with Hell Dorado in the New year?

So whats happening with HD in new year?.

Cipher Kai posts this on their forums in regards to Helldorado:

We have been working furiously to get the game out.  We’re mostly done with the starters and first wave of blisters.  We had a improbable amount of bad luck that set us behind this month.  Production shut down for about 8 days due to our Vent Hood, then melting pot, then casting machine breaking down in immediate succession.  This created a back up of all our products much like a train wreck.  The first product will be going out next week.  The English product will go out a little before the other languages due to translation time but should only be about a week.  The book is in the last few pages of writing for the Immortals section.  All other editing is complete and layout is moving briskly.  We’ll be showing a couple more pages shortly.  The translations are going along simultaneously.  Once the book is at the printer we’ll be able to give a better timeline.  Like Akatskimilan said, we are a small crew so any bump affects everything we do.  Once we get this release out maybe we’ll show some teasers for the next new figure, concept by Bertrand Benoit and sculpted by Thomas David Wink .


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