Sixth Annual First Pair of the Year Event (Hordes & Warmachine)

Sixth Annual First Pair of the Year Event

When: January 8th- Registration at 9am

Where: Edict Games, Pittsburg, KS

$10 entry fee to cover prizes Fee covers all events


35 point Steamroller Tournament

Round 1 begins 10am Current SR rules as released by Privateer Press at that time

1st-3rd coin kit as prize

35 Point Achievement Tournament

Immediately following the 35 pt SR event

Think you’ve got an army to squash all opponents and parade your troops to victory back home? Then join the Achievement Tournament! Players compete to earn top achievements in each round of play. Each achievement earns Victory Points. The player with the most Victory Points is the tournament winner.

Jack / Beast bonds will be in effect! Roll first round for a bond!

For a complete list of achievements, or to add your own, visit:

Achievement List!

The achievement list linked above is completely editable. If you have some new and cool achievements to add in, please do so! A final list of achievements will be on hand before the tournament and the list of achievements will close the night before the tournament on Friday, Jan. 7th.

Painting Competition

SR Army Competition– Compete in the 35 pt SR tournament with a fully painted list for painting awards.

Open Painting Competition– Bring any model or models that work in a cohesive manner (solo, unit, jack, beast, etc) and enter the open painting competition. Privateer Press models only. Judging to occur between tournaments.


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