Another Successful Recruits

Recruits Con is a great gaming convention held two times a year in the fall and spring in Lee’s Summit.  Hosted by the Lee’s Summit High School Organization of Strategic Gamers (OSG), Recruits has slowly grown into an attendance rising above 400+ people.  For the mid- west, that’s a sizable convention.  Spring attendance is usually much higher than in the fall, though.  Here is the link to the entire album of pictures from Fall Recruits 2010.

This time, I chose not to run any games except for some Pulp City demos and some open demos of Steve Jackson Games.

A couple of products I came with were the Gatormen minions from Privateer Press and some products from Micropanzer Wargames Studio.  I ended up with three models from their “Project Slipstream” line and the one I’m most proud of, the $25 platoon deal for their 15mm SAS models.

I’ll be posting pictures later this evening.  In addition, I’ll do a simple review of the 15mm SAS platoon from MPWS mentioned above.

Bag of 15mm SAS:

15mm SAS from Micropanzer Wargame Studios


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