Gen Con Update 2 Thursday

Today was a great day to actually see Gen Con exhibit hall in action.  The hall opened up at 9 for the very important gamers and exhibitors to buy things and walk around.

I had an opportunity to visit with several vendors and talk shop.  While doing so, I saw a lot of cool things (as you should at Gen Con).  My schedule was arranged to work at the Pulp Monsters booth with Darkson Designs (AE: Bounty, AE: WWII), Cipher Studios (Anima Tactics and now Helldorado), Max Mini, and of course, Pulp City.  I’ve made some great friends from the other demo guys and the Cipher and Darkson guys.


Soda Pop Miniatures at the Cool Mini or Not booth has a neat 3-d mini game based on the old 8-bit nintendo games (Zelda???).  I demoed with Abbysdad from Darkson where we played a mage and paladin invading a twisted tower maze.  Our goal: Destroy the two crystals spawning meanies and evilness, then make our way to the top of the dungeon tower.  If you kill a monster and roll a heart/potion, you gain one health and or a magic item.  I picture the hearts from Zelda floating around the screen whenever this happened.

Dark Age Games at the same booth had some wonderfu, wonderful painted minis.  In addition, they had two cool demo tables that everyone needs to check out (I’ll post pics when I can).

The Wyrd terrain system Links were neat, but they were just cardboard tiles with clear plastic connectors.  For me, I wasn’t impressed.  I’ve got pictures of these in action in the mini hall as well as at the booth.

Pulp Monsters, who do Pulp City, have some great things planned.  The physical rulebook will be available in September barring any weird happenings.  If you attend Gen Con, you can pre0rder the book and for $5 get it shipped to you anywhere in the world.  Also, there are a couple of other Pulp City related projects coming down the pipe, so expect them to hit the public hard!  You can see and buy all new releases, and if you buy all six of the new boxes you get a copy of all three of the new Grimm models.

I purchased two Helldorado starters, did a demo, and played one game.  I now own the Immortals, chinese/asian themed guys and the Serascens, mideastern themed dudes.  The game is still great, the models look fantastic, and once I understand the rules better will be seeing some action on my gaming table.

I had always been interested in Darkson, and working closely with them today allowed me to become more than curious: I’m buying into WWII and Bounty.  I can’t wait to play these games either.

If you have anything specific you want me to try and look at and take pictures of, let me know.  I’ll be updating my Picasa photo album when I can.

Expect more updates tomorrow!


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