Gen Con 2010 Update

We arrived in Indy around 11am and found our luggage in baggage claim.  Taxi ride was ten bucks for four people to downtown.

We made our way inside and I called up Morf who runs Pulp Monsters (Pulp City) and got my badge.  Entering the convention hall was as expected behind the scenes.  The lights were dim and the AC had just recently been turned on, so a lot of the dealers were hot and tired.

Went back to the hotel to gather some things and went back to the convention.  There, I met up with Beermonkey, went back inside and met up with Darkson and the Cipher guys where Beermonkey and I helped package the quickstart rules to Helldorado and sleeve the boxes (I didn’t peer inside as I’m waiting in the morning to geek out.).

The rest of the evening was spent eating and talking Pulp City.  Link to the few images is below:


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