Soda Pop Gen Con Update

John Cadice sent this update along for their Gen Con plans:

Well, Welcome!

We are here, and have started this great bubbly, sugar coated quest to bring our expanding Sodaverse to the masses.  Thank you all for your offer to help us in that mission.  As we get things rolling, we are always eager to hear back from you at any time about ways that we can make this exchange valuable for you and your audience.


News: August 4th – 7th, 2010: Gencon US!

Well, its been a fun first year, Deke, Chris and I are excited to be going to our first major event here in the states.  We will be attending Gencon with the guys from  We will be there presenting a few new releases, and a special new line of miniatures!

Holy Soda Pop!

Yeah, a new line of minis… if you are in the area, stop by and say hi, we would love to talk about our project more!
Some basic information about the coming product that we can share:

1) Its a whole new scale of miniature

2) There is nothing like it out there…

3) It is a fantasy based range of “inspired” creatures, heroes, and minions.  If you have ever blistered your thumbs in the wasted years of youth (*no… we don’t mean that), then you might really appreciate the button mashing fun we are going after

4) The entire range… (so far) is entirely digital, 3D sculpted, and printed using a rapid prototype process before going to molds. (*a fun bit of learning for us for sure)

Come by the Cool Mini booth and say hi to us, and find out more!

New Miniatures for Gencon!  (*Preview)

We will be making available two new miniatures for sale on the show!  Models to be available shortly following the show on our website, and on CMoN.

1) Isabeau Durand – Sword Paladin: A rocking sculpt by Thomas David (Of Rackham, and Helldorado fame)

2) Special limited miniature –> Kisa and Scratch – Archmage of the Arcantric Doctrine, and her Cypher.

Fiametta Painting VIdeo 1 of 2 – NATAKUE –

Go over and check out Warmonger, Natakue (one of our fellow Fizzheads) just posted this “how to” paint Fiametta.  First part available here If you like the content, he has been quite prodigious at “unboxing” soda pop videos, and now is starting some great painting content, drop him a line on his site and introduce yourselves!

It is our intent to share with you guys, a little preview of coming products, miniatures, and concepts to foster some discussion, with full permission to repost to your blogs and various forums.
It would be great to get a sense what kind of response you are getting from your audience.  We are keen to learn about what excites are fledgling products followers, and from time to time, I might drop a short questionnaire with you to help us better understand how our products are being received.   Again, reach out to us with any questions, we will always make time.

We will be posting throughout Gencon to Facebook to show you what we are up to.

All the best,

John Cadice
Creative Director – Owner
Soda Pop Miniatures
“Pop-the-Top on your first Soda Pop!”


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