Gen Con 2010

Well, I’ve found a way to make it to my second Gen Con.  Volunteer!  Here’s the deal.   I, like a lot of people, don’t have a lot of money.  To help me get to Gen Con, I’m volunteering to help run some events at a booth during the vendor hours, then, run 32 hours worth of events for another company to get free room space.

The problem: Running events during vendor time (10-4pm) plus the 32 hours of games for the free room means that I don’t have any time for doing anything else.  Not that that’s a problem, but it’s where I”m at financially which is allowing me to go.  That means running events from 10-4, then from 4-midnight every day to meet my quota.

At the moment, I’m looking for room space so I don’t have to run 32 hours worth of games- so anyone who has room space available, please, please, let me sleep in a corner, the bathtub, under the bed, etc, so I don’t have to run 32 hours worth of games. 🙂  I can help offset the cost of your room with roughly $125 or so for the entire convention.

Also, if there are any people travelling to Gen Con via car, and who might be passing through Joplin, MO or Kansas City, I’m looking for a ride.  I’m able to split gas with you as well!

So, any of you going to Gen Con, if you need a roommate, a carmate, etc, please let me know!


2 thoughts on “Gen Con 2010

    • At the moment, I’ve signed up to demo those 32 hours with SJ Games… I don’t mind doing it but 32 hours of games and helping in the convention area is going to be more than a full-time job with no time to hang out and have fun.

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