Lone Wolf Development Sends out Cease and Desist Letters

Lone Wolf Development, makers of fine “army building software” for various tabletop miniature games, has sent out cease and desist letters asking in a much better tone that GW did, to help police, and stop, the use of the term “army builder” in reference to software that helps in force construction in various games.  Such games might include Warhammer 40k, Warmachine, Infinity, and others.

Posters are asked to refrain from using “army builder” but to instead, use terms like “force construction,”  “…roster construction tool”, “list createor”, or “points calculator”) in place of the “Army Builder” name (Tabletop Gaming News).

Here is the direct link to the article at Tabletop Gaming News: 

Lone Wolf send Cease and Desist over Army Builder trademark

So, what are your thoughts on this matter?  How does this fit in with the current theme in the gaming industry to send out cease and desist letters?  Is this a fad, or something we should all be concerned about in the future of the hobby gaming industry?

Leave your comments below.


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