Spring Recruits 2010

It’s time again to start thinkging about a great, wonderful, little convention known as Recruits.  Recruits is held twice a year, in the Spring and Fall.  Recruits is held at Lee’s Summit High School in Lee’s Summit Missouri, and only costs $5 to get in.  If you are a student, entrance fee is FREE!

RECRUITS is primarily designed to introduce new players from all over the Midwest to miniature gaming.   New gamers both young and old find RECRUITS an exciting introduction to Historical, Science Fiction, or Fantasy miniature and board games.   To see what you may have missed, we have lots of great photos for you to look at from last year’s RECRUITS.

Recruits Overview

Sunday at Fall Recruits

RECRUITS also is an opportunity for experienced gamers to get together to have two fun filled days of miniature gaming and share in the joy of introducing new blood into the hobby.

I’ve been attending ……Recruits forever, it seems, since maybe 2004, and I’ve only missed a couple of cons.  Duane Fleck, teacher, and sponsor of the Organization of Strategic Gamers at LSH runs a superb show, with dealers from all sorts of areas that fill up the perimeter of the gymnasium.

This year, Explosivo and I will be running several Warmachine and Hordes events.  We’ll be posting them on various forums throughout the interwebz in a few days.  In addition, I’d love to get in a game of Ambush Alley/ Z, as well as get in a demo of Fields of Glory if it fits into my schedule.

I’ve linked several pictures from Recruits on the right hand side, so check them out.  One good picture is seen above.  I look forward to attending, and hope to see you there as well.

Follow the link above to get to the Recruits website- See you there!


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