2010 Gaming Resolutions

I’ve never done any type of resolutions, but thanks to a post on Tabletop Gaming News called TGN Chat: 2010 Gaming Resolutions, I decided I should make some as well; especially in regards to gaming.

In no particular order, here are resolutions for 2010:

Finish painting my Cryx army (I own all the models), but need to paint the following:

  • Blighted Ogrun x 10
  • Satyxis Unit + UA
  • Revenant Pirates
  • Blackbanes Ghost Raiders
  • Revenant Cannon Crew x 2
  • Seether

Actually continue an RPG campaign:

  • Against the Darkness
  • In Nomine
  • Vampire

Get more Dark Age models and paint them

Start Painting my 15mm modern stuff for Ambush Alley/ Ambush Z

Learn to play Flames of War with my Armoured Panzergrenadiers

Trade off my Tyranids

Begin to play a new game (Firestorm Armada, AE: Bounty, Leviathons)

Figure out a plan in regards to Pulp City


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