Quick Dwarf

Ok, so I was foolish enough to offer to paint a single mini for this random “painting contest” on Bartertown.  One guy sends out minis, people paint them up, email them back, and people vote on the top choice.  The winner gets a gift certificate while the top ‘other’ two get like a $5 gift certificate.  I definitely chose the wrong time to work on this model!  Lots of evenings at school doing concessions, helping my wife get ready for the huge local craft fair (she sells hairbows and ribbon at these fairs), among other things.

Anyway, I assume this is a cheap way for this gentleman to get his models painted.  Instead of commissions, he gets people to paint for a contest.  He gives out some money as prizes, but he gets around 9-12 minis painted for relatively cheap.

Running out of time, I started this Dwarf on Tuesday of this week, didn’t paint last night, and finished him up tonight.  He’s one of my favorite models, bud I didn’t do him justice nor did I spend enough time on him.

Story- When I clear coated this mini, I noticed a small bubble in the minis left eye.  Checking it out, the paint started to peel from the model.  Ugh.  Using a needle, I peeled the paint away, and repainted the eye and the rim of his helmet.  You can see a ridge on the helmet and coming off the bridge of his nose.  This was where the bubble ended.  I tried to fix it.  Oh well.  Enjoy the image!

Dwarven Collage

Dwarven Collage


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