Skarre, Pirate Queen (Warmachine Cryxian Warcaster)

Skarre is another Privateer Press model.  I’ve had this one for a long time, but I never had a desire to paint her up.  There was just some block that I had to overcome.  I think what happened was Explosivo’s (Kris Johnson, aka Explosivo!!!!) first tournament as a Press Ganger.

I painted Skarre in one evening from 9pm to 4am with two 500 point WM matches during that time as well.  Essentially a speed paint episode with some games in while the paint dried.

Mostly painted with P3 and RMS paints.  This was my first attempt at wet-blending.  The cape made a great place to practice and I think it turned out well.

Enjoy, and please leave comments and criticism so I can improve.

Pirate Queen Skarre, Front

Skarre Rear View


2 thoughts on “Skarre, Pirate Queen (Warmachine Cryxian Warcaster)

    • I wish I had more than just an inkling of talent- That comes from roughly 15-18 years of practice, not natural artistic ability. lol.

      If you need anything painted, I’m still doing my 50% off of commission work!

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