Press Ganger Retirement-Again (sigh)

Well, one of the new Kansas City Press Gangers recently retired.  He lasted less than a year.  That’s about par for the course.  Obviously, there are some major issues with the Kansas Crowd and how the Press Gangers feel in their responsibilities and the attitudes from the store players.

Let’s see, can we do a history of our PGers in the Kansas City area?

  1. BrunoB- Two years (2003-2005)
  2. TheBull- Two Years (2003-2005)
  3. EvilWeevil- A couple of months (ran one event) (2005-06?)
  4. Grimzagg-  He got lost in wow and never returned.  Great painter, great guy, but what happened??? (2004-05, possibly into 06)
  5. Scottiesb- Nine months, but definitely less than a year- ran a few events(2006-07)
  6. MadMaxjr- Six months, perhaps?  Maybe a little longer.  Ran several demos, posted some great information on, and a couple tournaments.  Great guy. (2008-09)
  7. Explosivo!!!- A couple of months.  Still active.  Ran one event during MKII.  Great guy, just got married, so maybe the events will pick up. (2008- late 2009) Explosivo spawned the current resurgence, in my opinion, of Warmachine/Hordes in the KC area.
  8. PG in Lawrence, KS.  Not really Kansas City area, but reasonably close, within 30 miles.  Not for sure on dates, but ran some events.  Not for sure if he’s still active.
  9. Bob Nolan/Varagon- Lots of events, no local game store, PGs from Joplin to Kansas City, currently active. (2003-present) Retired Feb, 2010.

What’s up Kansas City????

Edited: October 9, 2011

I have since retired from being a Press Ganger.  I retired in February of 2010, so a good 6.5 years or more.  I still love the game and the community, and still play.  Currently, the KC crowd is a thriving community with several Press Gangers running events and getting the community psyched!


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