Need New Camera!

After taking the pictures of the DRM 6mm figures below, I see I really need a camera that has a good macro setting.  I’ve got access to two cameras here at home,  but they are on the lower end of average cameras.  One is about a year old at 6mp and the other is about three years old at 5mp.  Any suggestions on a decent camera for around $200-$250 that takes good macro pictures?

I’m also going to look into getting a light box or making my own to help enhance the image quality of the pictures.  I don’t do much, if any image editing, so the pictures below are straight off the camera.


2 thoughts on “Need New Camera!

  1. Take a look at the Canon Digital Elph series. I picked up a 10MP camera for just under $200 back in November from They’ve got newer stuff that’s better than what I have, though I love my SD770IS. 🙂

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