Dark Realm Miniatures Update

I’ve finally found a few hours to get some paint onto the Alpha Command blister by Dark Realm Miniatures. I decided to go against the studio scheme of dark blue highlighted up to a lighter blue. I chose to go with a green color scheme. Perhaps this group of the Andrayada army is a special force or have been lost and they’ve slowly changed their colors to represent their independence…

Some Hubries with some green on them.

Hubries with some green on them. The far right one is highlighted the most while the one on the left has one highlight.

Please click the “more” as I talk about the steps in painting, more pictures, and just more information.

I took several steps to get done the few stands of models that are done. To show the steps of the process, I completed the commander, then worked my way down the line of Bodyguards. Each model shows a different step of the painting process.

Step 1: Paint a thin base of P3 Battle Dress Green across all miniatures allowing the drybrushed areas to show through.

Step 2: Add a dollop of P3 Necrotite Green to the palette then mix a small portion of that into the BDG from step one in roughly a 1 drop of NG to 3 drops of BDG, so a 1:3 ratio. With this mix, I highligted out the commander and bodyguards.

Step 3: Add another drop of Necrotite Green to the mix, so that it’s now roughly a 2:3 ratio, then highlighted up, not touching the last (fourth) bodyguard.

Step 4: Simply a lighter coat of the above mix, probably a 1:1 ratio, then highlighted the commander and two bodyguards.

Step 5: Straight Necrotite green in an extremely thin layer. I painted this on the commander and one bodyguard.

Step 6: I added a bit of Reaper Master Series Linen White to the mix in Step 5 (add to taste), then only highlighted the commander.

Step 7: Linen white in extremely small amounts at the edges and hard lines on the commander model.

Alpha Commander with Bodyguards.

Alpha Commander with Bodyguards.

Alpha Command Rearview

Rearview of the Commander with two bodyguards. You can easily see the stages in highlighting as you look from right to left.

Non Metallic Metal- I’m not an expert on this as I’ve only tried it a few times. As the miniatures are 6mm, obvious highlights are needed. I wasn’t for sure if I could do it with metallic paints, so I mixed up some P3 Trollblood Base with some straght black. With this, I painted the guns and weapons on the Commander and bodyguard.

Step 1: the aforementioned RMS Linen White was then mixed with the NMM paint from the weapon base coat for highlights in a 1:1 ratio.

Step 2: Add a little bit more of the Linen White then simply touch up the extreme areas and raised portions on the weapons.

In retrospect, the NMM mix probably wouldn’t work on larger models, but on these little buggers, it looks fairly convincing. However, I have an untrained eye and the look could be way off!

I’m not done with all of the models, but I simply wanted to show a stage by stage process of what I’ve done thus far. Over the next few days I’ll get them all done.


I’m still awaiting my bases that I ordered from Litko Aerosystems.  They were ordered in late April and my email confirmation said it’d be about three weeks until being mailed.  Well, three weeks is here!  They should arrive shortly I hope.


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