My grandpa was admitted to Fort Scott Mercy Hospital last night around 8:30 pm, perhaps a little later, for extreme pain in the lower half of his right leg.

The doctor on call in the ER immediately requested him to be transported to the ER at KU Med Center in Kansas City.

Apparently he had an aneurysm in his leg (a blood clot) and the local hospital couldn’t do anything about it, hence him being flown by helicopter to KU Med.

I spent last night there with my mother and grandmother and with few hours sleep. They operated on his leg and feeling returned to it, as his lower leg and foot did not recieve much, if any, blood flow for a few hours.

After surgery today, he could move his foot and he had feeling once again. However, around 2pm, he noticed more extreme pain and loss of feeling and control in his right foot. Doctors immediately noted this was a sign of swelling of the cells and muscles, and he was once again operated on to remove the pressure from the swelling.

As of early this evening, he is in ICU and recovering. Things went well.

He will have to return in a few weeks for treatment on his other leg.

The doctor there said that around 20-30 percent of patients lose their leg after such an ordeal. Here’s to hoping that doesn’t happen to grandpa.


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