Dark Realm Miniatures Update

I’m woefully behind on painting some samples of someDark Realm Miniatures minis. I’d promised to get some things painted but haven’t quite accomplished that.

However, I have several items primed, but just haven’t had an opportunity to sit for a prolonged length of time to get something done.

While I was doing some back up work on the PC, I took the Alpha Command blister and did some white drybrushing over the black primer.

As this is my first foray into 6mm painting, I’ve been quite hesitant at diving right in. Because of that, I’m going to apply some techniques I use when painting 28mm models.

As an example, drybrushing white over black primer. Drybrushing white over the black primer picks out the details and allows people to see the edges that might otherwise be missed. In addition, it’s a cheap way to get some good highlighting from an initial color of paint. Since I’ll be painting 6mm models, any way that is easy to get good highlights at this level will help me get the job done.

Hopefully I’ll have some pictures up and sent away for Doug to check out this weekend.

Here’s a simple picture to show the primed miniature with a drybrush of white:

Andrayada Alpha Comman Primed

Andrayada Alpha Comman Primed


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