Uncharted Seas by Spartan Games Project

Iron Dwarves Starter

Iron Dwarves Starter

I made a recent trade (see the Spring Recruits post below) and picked up a starter set of Spartan Games’s Uncharted Seas Iron Dwarves.

I took some time tonight to prime the set (10 resin models in all) this evening, and I hope to get a quick drybrush layer of white on them soon.

A picture of the starter pre-primer is the left.

The boats are nicely cast in resin.  I’ve not done much work with resin as I’ve mostly been a Privateer Press modeler and Reaper fan.  However, I’ve been branching out into various games as you can tell by this blog.

Below  , you can see a post-primer image.   I’ll get to painting them up this week and hopefully finish with them soon.

Primer on the starter set!

Primer on the starter set!

I really like the look of these models and hope to learn to play the game!


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