Hellsmith and Base Finished

So I spent the last several hours watching episodes 3-6 of Dollhouse, having good conversation with a friend, and listening to some music and I finally finished Hellsmith.

I’m not for sure if the pictures are good or not, but I’m happy with the results of my painting.

A couple of modifications I’ve made include moving Hellsmith’s hammer from his left hand and transferring it to his right. The second modification I made was creating new horns for his helmet. I used Green Stuff, rolled them into little “rolls” of sausages, then shaped them. After curing, I glued them to his helmet in an appropriate spot. Finally, I took some leftover Green Stuff and shaped a wedge onto the front of Hellsmith’s hammer. It doesn’t look as good as the original, but it changes the shape of his weapon somewhat and makes him a little more unique than some other Hellsmiths out there.

In regards to paints, I used mostly P3s and a few Reaper Master Series paints. Hellsmith’s base skin was Idrian flesh with highlights up from there. Some things I”m working on include blending and layering and have learned, but not mastered washes, inks, and glazes. In addition, I’d love to learn how to do NMM. As an example, Ape Bot for Pulp City would have looked great in NMM but I am painting him using metallics.

Link to the Pulp City Site:
Hellsmith, villain for Pulp City, by Pulp Monsters.

Left side view

Front view from a short distance

You can view more pictures by following “my picassa pics” in the links section.


2 thoughts on “Hellsmith and Base Finished

  1. Thanks. I had fun painting it and changing/modding it up. Hopefully, I’ll be posting more models from Pulp City up after I finish their bases.

    Currently done:
    Iron Train
    90% Ape Bot

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