Let’s Get the Ball Rolling!

I’ve never been good at keeping a periodic summary of ramblings and musings from the happenings in my life. However, though, I’ll once again give it a shot. This will be my attempt to do so. Hopefully I can stay focused and keep an update on what’s going on in the small sphere of my world.

The focus of this blog will be mostly on my hobby of adventure gaming, including, but not limited to role-playing games, miniature war-gaming, painting, writing, and boardgames. Here I’ll be posting images of my painted models, thoughts on games, reviews, and other game related materials.

Because of this focus, I’ve decided to name my blog “Pen and Lead,” which hopefully keeps me limited to my topics, my readers interested, and most important, me focused on the goals and objectives of what I intend to do with this blog site. The final iteration of Pen and Lead came after unsuccessfully trying to get the names “Pen and Brush,” “Brush and Pen,” and other similar names. Hopefully this one will stick. As the name implies, the blog will recount my projects and musings on things dealing with lead (miniatures) and the pen (paper RPGs).

With that, I’ll end this short introduction and start blogging!


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